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Finish Your Book in 40 Days course

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It's time to get your book DONE, out of your head, into the world, helping the people it's meant to, and bringing YOU clients + abundance...

What you'll get:

  • Group coaching from internationally best-selling author Leonie Dawson
  • Daily accountability + writing support
  • Workshops + behind the scenes tips on self publishing, getting a publishing deal, becoming a best-seller on Amazon and how to market your book successfully!

In 40 days... your world will have changed in the best of ways. You will have birthed your beautiful book into the world!

Let's go make it happen!

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What People Are Saying:

Leonie’s the tough love you need to stop making excuses and make your dreams happen. Leonie’s course helped me finally break through so many internal blocks, low self-esteem and resistance to finish two books that have been sitting in my heart and mind for over 10 years. Leonie has a genuine level of warmth, generosity and ‘get er’ done’ attitude. Sitting in stagnation and procrastination when it comes to your dreams is a form of self-annihilation. It’s soul crushing. Leonie is such a beautiful guide that got me through. I’m excited to do the course again (and again and again). Doing the course along with her biz and life workbooks has created the foundation, guidance and map I need to stay on track.

Holly Elissa -

I LOVED Leonie Dawson’s 40 Days to a Finished Book! Being a part of this course gave me the structure and community to feel supported and accountable for finishing my book and provided important guidance and information to get it published once I finished writing. I now have my, My Moon Journal 2020 ready to go and am looking forward to self publishing by the end of 2019. I’m not sure I would have found the internal courage to keep going with this dream if it wasn’t for this course. Thank you Leonie!

Louise Croker - The Wilga Tree

This is the most direct route to getting a book done. I highly recommend!!! I hit 10,000 words in 2 weeks. Man! I’ve never done THAT before. I’m a writer now, a real writer. The community was terrific. I adore the way Leonie teaches and I had so much fun that I’m still going strong. More books coming. Just watch me.

Roni Walker

I would take it every year if I could! I would definitely take this course again. I actually achieved my word count goal! The simplicity, daily accountability and the daily writing tips/encouragement were perfect. Everything pointed me to the task at hand: writing. Everything was so perfectly focused. I learned to not have excuses and just write the thing. So much confidence and creative power walking away from this course!

Holly Manohar -

Works like magic to keep my focus straight! It motivates the shit out of me. Makes me love and accept myself. Very inspirational and magical in bringing creativity fron imagination into realization. Thank you!

Elena Popova

I feel like a writer! I really commit to write this time, and I have finished unfinished text. I love your natural inspiration and be who you are attititude, your way of inspire and show its possible to achieve anything really. I have gone through the rite of passage from wannabee to writer. A great mix of creative inspiration, short peppfilm, and coaching calls, it felt like being next to my best friend telling me, I can do it. Thank you Leonie from my deepest soul.

Kia Helles

I wrote 70,000 words in 40 days – amazing! Leonie’s course was so effective in motivating consistent aligned action in me. Just the mere fact someone was there watching over me so to speak, along with authority and humour was gold. Leonie’s experienced, light hearted support along with her ‘no bullshit’ attitude was fabulous!

Zoe Gaia -

I’m 74 and have wanted to write my memoirs /spiritual autobiography for YEARS! This source has been miraculous for me! I’ve been following Leonie for years and joined her academy 3 years ago to help me with my jewelry buisness! So when the writing course was offered I jumped at the chance to finally write and got my daughter to join me! I write every single day, over 40,000 words now and not close to finishing!! I feel very blissful after I write, It’s changed my life!!

Elizabeth Barzell -

Leonie’s writing course came at the perfect time. I had my idea, I had started writing an outline but then got stalled as life was busy. Your no nonsense and basic approach helped me get out of my head and ignore all the what if’s and instead focus on the writing. I finished in time for a summer road trip so I took my draft with me and worked on editing in some of the most beautiful places in America. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking for accountability and help getting out of your own way

Noelle Rollins -

There’s nothing like an Aussie chick giving you a kick up the bum to get things done! I love love loved this course! I wrote a significant chunk, 30,000 words over the 40 days in cafes, buses, planes and trains. Writing helped lift me out of a low. The webinars had laugh out loud moments and the Facebook group is a brilliant way to stay motivated. I didn’t expect it to be so much fun. If only Leonie was there telling me to just fucking do it for all my creative pursuits. At the price it’s a no brainer!!

Catherine Hay -

Leonie re-ignited and rebooted my daily writing practice… Leonie Dawson is a Superb Sha(wo)man of Creativity! She knows when to stand strong and when to go gentle in her guidance of Creatives. Her enormous humor and light-hearted laughter is Goddess-Sent. She is a rare combination of the Divine Feminine and the Purely Practical! She’s got and gives The Big Gifts —the ones that keep on Giving! Thank you Leonie from the bottom of my heart!

Lynda Beth Unkeless - Author, Meet One New Person Every Day: The Magic of Conversation (available on Amazon)

Just the motivation I needed! Leonie followed up the course on writing a book with bonus material about publishing. The Facebook group was a great source of accountability and support. This was such a small investment to help me get from idea to almost ready to publish within a matter of months!!

Nikki Shaheed

Best investment of my time and money ever! I've been talking about writing a book for 20 years, but I never had the time, blah, blah. With this course not only did I actually write my book (in just 1 hour per day, which I could easily find with the accountability of the course), but I also learnt how to do the cover, the publishing, the launch and the "non-writing" side of it all.

Sophie Le Brozec -

Just the course you need to take to get the fire put under your rear to get it done! If you’ve ever dreamed of writing a book and weren’t quite sure if you had it in you, Finish your book in 40 days is for you! The support is phenomenal and the creator of the course is the mentor you want to have in your corner! Although my book is not quite finished, I’m closer to the end than I’ve ever been thanks to Leonie!!

Irene Savakis -

Leonie’s Finish Your Book in 40 Days workshop was everything I needed. I’d wanted to write a book for a while and this course took me from my book idea right through to publication. The daily motivation for writing was fun. What I found super helpful was the detailed information on exactly how to go about the whole process; from picking a title, and editing to publishing options and how that process all works. I completed my book, published on Amazon, have sold lots in print myself and I’m working through all of Leonie’s marketing tips from the course. Stores are approaching me to carry it now! I’m super happy with sales and I feel this course made it so much easier to accomplish this project! A bonus I’ve found is that having a published book has given my business added credibility!

Nancy Wesley -

Leonie’s course gets you doing it! The course, 40 days to write your fucking book… that’s what it should be called, was an incredible resource, support, funniness and love… Actually writing, not talking about it, thinking about it, dreaming about it… but doing it within the cocoon of her incredible realness. I didn’t even know that I wanted to write a book and now it’s happening. I would recommend this program to everyone…

Anja Simmons

If you’re tired waiting to get your book written… then this course is the perfect place to start. I’ve been ‘writing’ my book for YEARS! But I was getting nowhere and it lay half-completed on my desktop and would probably never have seen the light of day. I absolutely LOVE this programme. I’ve recommended it to all my clients and friends and anyone who has a book inside them and needs help and support getting it out into the world. With the help of this programme and Leonie’s supportive, straight-talking wisdom and fun and the support of the community, it’s finally written! Leonie helped me to just get over myself and to face every fear and doubt and worry that my ego threw at me with the words ‘Just write the f**king book!’ If you’re tired waiting to get your book written and you’re ready then this course is the perfect place to start. Thank you Leonie, words just can’t express how grateful I am for your work and this course. I’m beaming joy at you as I can finally see my angel book in my hands.

Aishling Mooney -

Pure gold and so much fun… The 40 Days to Write a Book course was the most perfect platform to make me accountable to finally write down what has been in my head and heart for years. Who could quit when there was so much fun being had in being held accountable. I wrote in airports, on holiday in Hawaii, at home before work and I began dreaming what the next chapter would be before starting my day with a thousand words before breakfast. I wouldn’t have done any of this without your support and inspiration as well as the magic mantra “just write the fucking book” lol. The running joke in our house was just write the fucking book, my partner thought I was mad and hilarious at the same time.

Leandra Gurbiel

An unbelievable, inspiring journey… The 40 days are over. And the journey is unbelievable and goes on and on. It was inspiring, challenging, lovingly, doubting, exhausting, heart melting, wondering, energetic, out of this world, encouraging and soooo fun to work with you this way. And I always come back to get a nugget of wisdom and a sweet energy kick. I’ve written almost 40,000 words for my MoonGuide. It’s a wonderful journey. And I’ve got so much confidence and clarity thru you and your guidance. So all in all, I’m so in LOVE with your courses and down to earth honesty! I´m a total LEONIE – FREAK and well I have to confess: I’m a “Leonie-Addict”!

Ellen Holzschuster -

I got my book out into the world! Thank you for creating this class with just the right kind of support that kept me writing every day. I found ways around and through my daughter’s cancer surgery and also major medical tests for me. Knowing it was as simple as just “write the fucking book” helped me keep my commitment. Having the very active and supportive Facebook group was beyond helpful. This all came down to the daily support and accountability. Thank you Leonie for helping me get my book out into the world to help other chronic pain sufferers. I love you and hold this time with you as sacred.

Gail Sinclair -

This course is straight talking AND wide open full heartedness all at once! I am just writing to say thank you for the wonderful journey of Finish Your Book in 40 Days. What I have loved is the powerful combination of straight talking (get out of your creative butt hole and write the fucking book) and wide open full heartedness (deep compassion and understanding for all the trials and tribulations along the way) This in creative arts is a fine line – too much self beating discipline cramps the creative spirit, too much woo-woo self indulgence and shit doesn’t get done! So I really appreciate you for modelling a healthy amount of accountability with a humongous amount of love in your own awesomely eccentric unique way. I felt loved and propelled into momentum the whole way. Thank you for being you and for having done the work to embrace and be you so fully – it means you can show up and let others be as messy and amazing as they truly are and as life really is. Thank you for modelling tough boundaries and totally wild flamboyantly gorgeous creativity. Thanks for insisting and demonstrating that writers can be successful, that creative women can be themselves and be successful, that we don’t have to compromise who we are to get the job done. That we can love and cajole and colour our way through it. Thank you for your generosity with your energy, love, time, resources and creativity. This course is amazingly accessibly priced and I really appreciate that. Thanks for letting us all find our way through it in our own ways and honouring that every journey will be different, whilst also keeping us all single minded on the one task of WRITING THE FUCKING BOOK! Thank you thank you thank you. A thousand blessings and angels cheering your name – yay Leonie!

Katie Rose - Singer, Composer, Conductor, Writer,

I couldn’t have written my book without it! Thrilled to have come across the course ‘Finish Your Book in 40 Days.’ I know I couldn’t have done this without the tremendous support that Leonie offers with videos, affirmational art and the live calls. This course delivers much more than I was expecting and no one should be left wondering what to do next even after they write their fucking book! Loved it all and thanks so much Leonie for sharing your beautiful soul with the world. You are a great example of what is possible!

Cari Moffet, RMT. CMI -

I wrote 55,000 words in 40 days! I’m so excited and proud to be self publishing my first young adult novel this year. Yikes it really is happening and all because of this course. I couldn’t believe that I wrote 55,000 words on the page during the 40 days. So BIG BIG thanks and love to you Leonie for creating something so motivating and inspiring. It’s genius – – a simple formula and lots of lovely writers to support you in the Facebook Group. I hadn’t quite realised how the process of writing a book could break you open and heal you on such an intense level. It’s been one hell of a ride, but I’ve enjoyed every minute. I started writing my book 3 years ago, so it’s totally exceeded my belief about what I thought was possible. I would highly recommend that people do this course and work with you. Your energy is bold, zany, smart and kind. It’s totally and utterly contagious. You had me in fits some days with your dancing, made up songs and story telling. You’ve given so many of us the confidence to tell our stories too, and get them out in to the world. The world definitely needs more Leonie energy in it.

Lisa Parkes - Child Coach & Mentor,

Finish Your Book in 40 Days completely clobbered my writer’s block. I’m happily swimming in creative flow now with a joyful writing practice that moves me closer to my goals every day. Thank you for all the juicy, wonderful, powerful book love!

Laura Bickle - Author,

I've found places where I simply make excuses for not writing, especially if I know due to time constraints I won't make my word count for the day. I've come to see that even a few paragraphs is better than nothing - the perfect is the enemy of the good at times. The satisfaction of watching my book's outline become prose! I also have a keep sense of accomplishment at being on the road to completing something, rather than just fantasizing about it, taking action for a few days, then kaput.

Eleanor Howe