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The Academy

Everything you need to grow your business including popular & proven eCourses, planners & group coaching! Over $8500+ value all at a wildly affordable price of US$199 per year.


E-Courses & Workshops

Sales Star Masterclass

This is an essential business success program. This intensive training will teach you how to sell masterfully & make more $$$ in your business!

US $297
Money, Manifesting + Multiple Streams of Income

Go behind the scenes of how I've built a multi-million dollar net worth. Learn simple tools and methods that can transform your financial destiny.

US $199
40 Days To Create + Sell Your E-Course

Learn from master course creator Leonie Dawson who has sold over $10m in online courses.

US $199
Finish Your Book in 40 Days course

Get the accountability + guidance you need to get your book written, published + making $$$!

US $199
Marketing Without Social Media

We're all HUNGERING for ways to grow our businesses WITHOUT it costing us our time, money, joy, self esteem and inner peace. I'm here to tell you there ARE smart, savvy and super profitable ways to market your business WITHOUT social media!

Only US $99

ADHD + ASD: Business & Productivity Success

There are SO many gifts that comes from having a differently wired brain. I’m here to help you harness those gifts and turbocharge them into GOLD! 

This workshop will give you all my tried & true strategies, hacks & systems to help you turbocharge your business and productivity. 

Only $99USD
Work Less, Earn More

Whenever I tell people I’ve created over $14 million in revenue, while only ever working 10 hours a week, the response is always the same: “HOW??????? HOW DO YOU DO THAT??????” This workshop is my answer. In it, I’m going to take you through everything I know about creating a high income, low work business and how you can do the same.

Only US $99
Get Organised!

Life and business hacks for creatives, non-Marthas & the neurodiverse! I'll take you behind-the-scenes of exactly how I've built an award-winning company that's brought in over $14M while being a creative mama... & while being a right-brained, forgetful person with Autism, ADHD and a physical disability...

Only US $99
Burnout: How to Heal & Prevent

Burnout can be a regular occurrence for creatives, entrepreneurs, mamas & neurodivergent hotties. This training bundle guides you through my best tools, guidance & calculators to help you heal your burnout & prevent it from happening again.

(This is an Academy exclusive)

Valued at $66
How to Hire & Manage a VA

I’ve bundled together everything I know about hiring and managing virtual assistants to make it as easy as possible for you to get the help you need to grow that big, beautiful business of yours. This training is ESSENTIAL if you’re thinking of hiring a VA… or already have one & need help on how to make sure it makes YOU money, instead of costing you big time!

(This is an Academy exclusive)

Valued at $99
How to Create Digital Art

Learn how to create whimsical, colourful digital illustrations with Leonie Dawson

Only US $99


How to Create Incredible Customer Service

With LDI customer service goddess; Lydia!

Only US $99
Money Management for Your Business

How to reduce money stress & cashflow freak-outs in your business with ease!

Only US $99
Midas Touch

Midas Touch is about cultivating the right mindset for success, for turning everything you touch into wisdom and abundance.

Only $77USD
Behind The Scenes Of A Multi-Millionaire's Finances

Want to find out all the juicy gossip: Leonie's exact net worth, all her income streams & how she invests? This is the mini workshop for you!

Under $10!